"Men are warriors, battling the destitution of humanity. May he find within his soul the will to obtain true enjoyment." 



"After using the beard oil, I started to notice that my beard would look more healthier than dried out. The skin underneath started to feel less rugged and more moisturized which boosted my confidence for having my beard. Using the balm also felt like a bonus because I was able to go through the day without having to fix my beard and worry if it is getting out of hand or starting to look messy. I’ve always been a bit on edge when it came to how my beard looked, confidence in rocking my beard is definitely at an all time high. The low price is definitely a plus when it comes to this beard product as I have found myself spending large amounts of money on things that claim to work but just disappoint. Thank you Honey!!!!"

Aharon Ali

"This beard oil is amazing keeps my beard soft all day and it looks healthy. The smell is amazing one of a kind." 

Zach Ready

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