Blade Of Option

Option grills humanity with vicious fatality.

It always has, and it always will. I guess it’s just God’s way of verifying the value of responsibility. Adam walked peacefully in the garden with even more than he could ask for. He had a woman, an endless abundance of the tastiest food on earth, animals to ride and cuddle, every hour of the day to create and wallow in joy without a single fear or worry, and an overwhelming companionship with the great divine. Even he – The first man on earth held the responsibility to make a vital, quick, and wise decision that would shift the experiences following his decision. “The tree of life” holding the prudence and blessing of eternity, or “The tree of knowledge” lets just say holding “a quick fix for enlightenment”. If you have heard the story you may know how his choice has affected life following his decision, but if you haven’t you can find it in the book of Genesis – the first book in the bible. Man isn’t it a pity. How faithless, irresponsible, lustful, self-seeking, covetous, ignorant, prideful, and destructive man can be even in the midst of the greatest of blessings. My point is this

“Every option bares a blessing and an curse.”

I traveled gazing into the wonder of reality. My mind is sharp, senses sharper, limbs aching, and stomach buzzing like a dreaded man in the engine room of an old steam ship that is fighting to fuel its stature. Seven days with only water replenishes your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Suddenly that voice of appreciation echoes through your being, your pure consciousness declares the existence of a humble God in our surroundings. Sometimes we expect everything and short sightedly believe that anything we can’t comprehend is not valid. I understand, it was you who created this world, you spoke the stars into existence, and you placed fear into the wisdom of the gazelle to save its life from the thirsty lion. Look at yourself in the mirror and understand that you are nothing but dust, and there is one who loves, gives, takes away, cry’s, laughs, waits, and judges in the weight of the dry matter that surrounds this very moment.

 Just like Adam, I face critical decisions everyday and I know you do too. Unfortunately there is a demand for responsibility in the decisions that we make, and as man knows it can be very hard to accept the responsibility a wise decision requires. What is my advice? Earnestly seek God’s heart and be led in faith. The three Sikh men sitting on a picnic bench chatter politely while the honor of their silver lengthy beards sway in the warm East wind. I stop to converse with an agile Robin; I ask it if I could come closer. Two steps is all I take, an adjustment of an arm is too jolt for his comfort. A swift flight and a stark landing on bare tree close by is enough for the vulnerable robin’s peace to return. All of the answers are out there somewhere; it is impossible for man to poses them all. Yes choices are intimidating, options are many, and consequences can be fatal. Time anticipates my reaction.

Each moment is ripe for application.

Few things are truly certain in this life and the absolute demand for decision is one of them. Like a painter hosting a brush and canvas, uncertain is the wave of the future. May we all approach it with beautiful intentions, and pursue it with focus and confidence. Poor and alone, I vigorously and desperately pour my soul, thoughts, and finances into the timely birth of this company, sewing a seed of passion that will in season bare the just fruits of my every ethic.


“To infinity and beyond.”



The Blade of Option

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dante J. D’Ignazio

Executive Foster