Honeywood Beard & Shave Oil

Honeywood Beard & Shave Oil

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Woody, Sweet rich & Sophisticated.

This multi-purpose grooming oil is a necessary toiletry for every man. He who beard’s and he who shave’s will find an obsessive experience in daily usage. The Honeywood scent recipe is a very potent aromatic aphrodisiac that arouses your pleasure upon application. Use to soften, and strengthen the beard, or as a preferred alternative to shaving cream, and synthetic moisturizers. This premium blend of rich, pure, and natural oils is filled with an abundance of moisture, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, stimulatory properties, and other essential nutrients that will effectively moisturize, and condition skin & hair.



  • Cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil
  • Cold pressed Grape Seed Oil
  • Steam Distilled Essential Oils (Parfum)