The Honeywood recipe is scented with one of the most potent aromatic aphrodisiacs known to man. Chosen by our team of clients this sophisticated recipe is featured in a standard grade grooming oil, and an original hold grooming balm.

Standard Grade Grooming Oil

This oil base consists of Grape Seed Oil & Sweet Almond Oil. Together these oils create a perfect balance of nourishing the skin, hair shafts, and roots while providing and sealing the moisture, and nutrients that a full, soft, and heathy beard requires. 

Original Hold Grooming Balm

This balm is a perfect mix of butter, wax, and oil. Thick, creamy, soft, and firm. This recipe strengthens, softens, straightens, shapes, and holds your beards composure while nourishing and moisturizing the skin and hair without it feeling greasy. 
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