Honey Original Ltd.


"Creativity is our passion"


"Something rich, something bold yet elegant, something true, and something that will stand out amongst the masses." 

This is the vision that stirred in my heart as I began to birth the blueprints for this company. I have been making my own cosmetics for years, I love working with these materials. The results of a well developed product that is applied to the skin, hair, or body are absolutely magical. The fact that these resources are living just like us on this planet, and can be cultivated into sophisticated ingredients through the brush of human intelligence fascinates me. 

Our company decided to begin it's journey by entering the mens grooming market with a line of mens beard products. Even though I have big plans for this company and expanding with many products for men, women, and children; I have a beard. Beards are sexy, course, smelly, and wild. Since the spoke of civilization was harnessed man has discovered that putting oil in your beard will soften and tame its stature, and relieve itch and dryness.

 It takes a humble, and considerate man to discover the joy's of well nourished beard.

Beards are a symbol of honour, godliness, masculinity, and wisdom. Yes, some bearded barons have defiled this image of virtue and some will continue to do so, but that does not change the glorious intention of the hair that flourishes down the jawbones of a man. 

As a small group of bearded business men began to re-introduce beard oil & beard balm into the market place a short number of years ago, every Joe and his cousin Randy began to fill up dusty vials with momma's sunflower oil, slap on a label that says "Joe & Randy's Beard oil", and sell it for 10x the value that its worth. Thank's to all the Joe and Randy's out there, there's an opportunity for companies like Honey Original that highly regard the products they sell to restore glory to the art of an honoured beard. 98% of the companies in this market share the same image, culture, and lack of quality. We all knew that it was time for something different. 

So we got to work.

 It's our extensive development process that separates us from our competition. From the very beginning I always said that the most important things for us will be to develop a quality product, and an image that displays the sophisticated, humble, and considerate qualities of a true beardsmen.

Most companies never distinguish facts from assumptions. We formulate, test, adjust, test, compare, adjust, test, formulate, test, adjust... you get the picture. We get gritty in our development process and don't show mercy until we've created something divine. It seems so simple; The best product consist of the best quality and combination of ingredients. We keep this in front of us as we set out to produce the world's finest natural products. 

This is the kind of culture that we will strive to maintain with all of our products. Nobody knows what the future holds for our company. Today I know that there are men out there who desire to be humble, honourable, godly, masculine, wise, and considerate. These same men will steward a rich, bold yet elegant, true, and unique beard. Our company is here to serve you. We are always being creative in creating opportunities for vendors and ambassadors to benefit greatly from our products. If you believe in our vision as much as we do, then reach out to us. 


Original Everything.  


Honey Original Ltd.